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Nevada Wildlife Viewing Guide - Describes with photos much of the local wildlife to watch for and provides more maps and details of many of the areas listed on this page.

The Story Behind the Scenery Series - Huge fabulous color photos, history and educational!
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BEYOND THE NEON - Overnight Trips
  • Trip time estimates shown assume travel from and return to Las Vegas with ample time to explore and learn about the beauty of Nevada and the surrounding areas.

  • Belmont Courthouse State Historic Site - Tours of this historic courthouse are available only during the summer months. The courthouse was built in 1876 and was the seat of Nye County government until 1905. Partially restored, this building is a piece of Nevada's history. There is picnicking and camping nearby. For more information contact: Belmont Courthouse State Historic Site, Fallon Region Headquarters, 16799 Lahontan Dam, Fallon, NV, 89406, (702) 867-3001

    Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park -

    Pronounced "ick-thee-o-sores", these creatures were ancient marine reptiles that swam in a warm inland sea which covered Nevada 225 million years ago. Visitors from around the world come to the park's Fossil House to see these recovered giant animal fossils on display. A nature trail connects the Fossil House to the campground. Hiking and picnicking are also popular. Seasonal tours relate the history of the area and the nearby mining town of Berlin. At 7000 feet elevation, this park prohibits travel during extreme winter weather, but is normally open all year. For more information contact: Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, HC 61 Box 61200, Austin, NV 89310, (702) 964-2440.

    Cave Lake State Park - This park boosts a beautiful 32 acre reservoir. Best for trout fishing, boating, picnicking and camping. Nestled in the 7300 foot elevation Schell Creek mountains the views are breathtaking. Winter sports of ice fishing, cross country skiing and ice skating are also available. Great for nature study and photography. Weather permitting, this park is open all year. Located 15 miles southeast of Ely from US Hwy 93 and Success Summit Road. For more information contact: Cave Lake State Park, P.O. Box 761, Ely, NV, 89301, (702) 728-4467.

    Great Basin National Park - This National Park offers over 77,100 acres of wilderness. There are miles of hiking trails and beautiful camping or picnic sites available. The park is centered around Wheeler Peak. Wheeler Peak is 13,063 feet high, has its own permanent ice cap and has stunning glacial features. Visit ancient Bristlecone Pine groves in the park, these tress are 4,000 years old and are thought to be the oldest living things on earth. Or tour the limestone passageways of the Lehman Caves. For more information contact: Great Basin National Park, Hwy 488, Baker, NV 89311, (702) 234-7331.

    Lunar Crater Volcanic Field - This awesome view of earth's natural forces was formed when molten lava of over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, rose from a fault line in the earth's crust. The hot lava cooled to become basalt, an estimated 2000 years ago. This field covers over 100 square miles. It contains cinder cones, lava flows and craters. This area was used in the late 1960's to train Apollo moon mission astronauts. There are two impressive craters located here, the Easy Chair Crater and the Lunar Crater. Lunar Crater was formed by a tremendous volcanic explosion. It measures 3/4 a mile across and 400 feet deep. At one time it was much deeper but years of erosion have filled it in. From the crater's rim you can see more than 20 extinct volcanos in the nearby hills. Lunar Crater Volcanic Field is located 28 miles east of the ET Highway (375) and US Hwy 6.

    Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park - This park is known for its bee-hive shaped ovens. These 6 ovens were used in the late 1800's to generate charcoal which was then used in the mines nearby. The forests and mountain views of this park make it a great place for camping or picnicking. The park is only open May through October due to it's high elevation and graded dirt access road. Located 7 miles south of Ely off US Hwy 93 and Cave Valley Road. For more information contact: Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park, c/o Cave Lake State Park, P.O. Box 761, Ely, NV, 89301, (702) 728-4467.

    WAY BEYOND THE NEON - Two to Three Day Trips and Longer

    The time estimates given are to provide you travel from and return to Las Vegas with ample time to explore and learn about the beauty of Nevada and surrounding areas.

    Dayton State Park - Dayton is one of Nevada's first settlements. The remnants of Rock Point Mill, built in 1861, to process silver ore can still be seen. Birds watching is a favorite pastime by the Carson River which flows through the park. Fishing, camping, picnicking is also available. Located 12 miles east of Carson City on US Hwy 50. For more information contact: Dayton State Park, P.O. Box 412, Dayton, NV, 89403, (702) 687-5678.

    Fort Churchill State Historic Park - The famous Pony Express once passed through this area. This parks offers campgrounds, picnic areas, group use areas, trails and access to the Carson River. Great place for photography and historical information. You can also go canoeing. Located 8 miles south of Silver Springs on US Hwy 95. For more information contact: Fort Churchill State Historic Park, Silver Springs, NV, 89429, (702) 577-2345.

    Grimes Point Archaeological Area - One of Nevada's best National Recreation Trails, Grimes Point is filled with intriguing rock writings and art of ancient Native American civilizations. This area was once covered by an ancient lake called Lake Lahontan. Over 8,000 years ago Grimes Point rose above the water and became inhabited. Indian petroglyphs and the rock surfaces where they are etched display many different styles. Scientists and archeologists disagree on the meanings of these petroglyphs but do concur that they are not a form of writing. Are they pictures of constellations? Perhaps maps to better hunting grounds? You can decide for yourself when you take the self-guided tour. The trail brochure is available at the site to help you explore the area. The site includes sheltered picnic tables, benches, a restroom and a paved parking lot. The trails have been upgraded to increase wheelchair accessibility. Located 12 miles east of Fallon. For more information contact: Greater Fallon Area Chamber of Commerce, 379 West Williams, Fallon, NV 89406. (702) 423-2544

    Hidden Cave - This cave is one of the most important archeological digs currently being excavated. It has an exposed 21,000 year stratigraphy, providing fascinating clues to climate, geology and Native American culture that occurred here thousands of years ago. Due to the significant clues to our past unearthed here, the cave can only be explored with a Bureau of Land Management guide. Tours are provided on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. The cave is situated at the end of a half-mile walk up a narrow, dirt trail. The tour is not suitable for wheelchairs, crutches or unsupervised children. You caravan in your own vehicle out to the cave after meeting your guide at the Churchill County Museum, 1050 S. Maine Street at 9:30 am. And the cost is FREE! Group tours and Spanish-speaking guides can be arranged by calling the BLM at (702)885-6000. Located 1 mile north of Grimes Point. For more information contact: Greater Fallon Area Chamber of Commerce, 379 West Williams, Fallon, NV, 89406. (702) 423-2544

    Lahontan State Recreation Area - This water recreation area is located 20 minutes west of Fallon. A man-made lake, 16 miles long has more than 69 miles of sandy shoreline and covers 12,000 surface acres. It offers visitors swimming, fishing, boating and numerous watersport activities. There are also RV sewage dump facilities here. For more information contact: Lahontan State Recreation Area, 16799 Lahontan Dam, Fallon, NV 89406, (702) 867-3500.

    Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park - Sandy beaches, boating, catch-and-release fishing, hiking and cross country skiing offer a wide variety of activities to visitors. The back country has horseback riding trails and two primitive campsites. Located 3 miles south of Incline Village on Star Route 28. For more information contact: Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, P.O. Box 8867, Incline Village, NV, 89452, (702) 831-0494.

    Mormon Station State Historic Park - This is the site of Nevada's first non-native settlement. A replica of the old trading post built in 1851 stands in place of the original. A museum inside displays artifacts and relics of the wagon train days. Picnic sites and group use areas are available. The park is open from May through October. Located in Genoa, 12 miles south of Carson City off US Hwy 395 and Star Route 206. For more information contact: Mormon Station State Park, Genoa, NV, 89411, (702) 782-2590.

    Rye Patch Recreation Area - A large reservoir created from the Humboldt River covers 11,000 acres of this park. Picnicking, fishing, boating, water skiing and camping are just a few of the popular activities here. Located 22 miles north of Lovelock on I 80. For more information contact: Rye Patch State Recreation Area, 2505 Rye Patch Reservoir Road, Lovelock, NV, 89419, (702) 538-7321.

    Sand Mountain - You'll think you are in the Sahara Desert when visiting Sand Mountain. This 600 foot high mountain of sand is over two miles long and one mile wide. It could be the remanents of a beach from an ancient lake which once covered the area. It is located on Highway 50, 25 miles southeast of Fallon. For more information contact: Greater Fallon Area Chamber of Commerce, 379 West Williams, Fallon, NV, 89406, (702) 423-2544.

    South Fork State Recreation Area - Rolling hills and beautiful meadows cover this 2200 acre recreation area. The South Fork reservoir is 1650 acres large. Camping, hunting, boating are some of the pastimes enjoyed here. The wildlife is abundant and the trophy size trout is common. There is also a bass fishery. The park is open all year but may be inaccessible during the winter months due to extreme cold and deep snow conditions. Located 16 miles south of Elko on State Route 228. For more information contact: South Fork State Recreation Area, HC 30 353-8, Elko, NV, 89801.

    Stillwater Wildlife Management Area - A stopping point for thousands of migratory geese and ducks. For more information contact: Greater Fallon Area Chamber of Commerce, 379 West Williams Ave, Fallon, NV 89406, (702) 423-2544.

    Walker Lake State Recreation Area - The ancestral home of the Paiute Indians, Walker Lake is well known for its great fishing. The 30 mile long lake was left over from a prehistoric inland sea which once covered the land here almost 10,000 years ago. Besides fishing, this recreation area offers boating, swimming and picnicking. Tables, grills and shade ramadas are available along the sandy beach. Cecil, a legendary sea monster, is rumored to call Walker Lake home. Located on US Hwy 95 11 miles north of Hawthorne. This park is open all year. For more information contact: Walker Lake State Recreation Area, Fallon Region Headquarters, 16799 Lahontan Dam, Fallon, NV, 89406, (702) 867-3001.

    Washoe Lake State Park - The Sierra Nevada mountain range provide a beautiful backdrop for this park. The lakes in the park are used for sailing, water skiing, jet skiing and fishing. Or you can go horseback riding, picnicking, or hiking. A viewing tower provides a great place for nature study or bird watching over the wetlands. For more information contact: Washoe Lake State Park, 4855 East Lake Blvd, Carson City, NV, 89704, (702) 687-4319.

    Wildhorse State Recreation Area - Wild Horse Reservoir is the center of this 120 acres recreation area nestled high in the mountains. This park is known for recording the state's lowest temperatures in the winter. Camping, picnicking, hunting, fishing and boating are available. The park is open all year but the extremely cold temperatures and deep snow levels make it a difficult access in the winter. Located 67 miles north of Elko on State Route 225. For more information contact: Wildhorse State Recreation Area, HC 31, Box 265, Elko, NV, 89801, (702) 758-6493.

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